Welcome to Living in The Grande High Rise community on the waterfront, Downtown San Diego! This luxury community has two twin towers of luxury living, The Grande North and The Grande South. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a fun searching The Grande Condos Sale Downtown San Diego!  ⛵️👇

The Grande Condos For Sale Downtown San Diego & More!

Buying, selling or just researching Livng in The Grande Downtown San Diego. Nice! 👍 I’m Dusty Brazil, local San DIego REALTOR with COMPASS.  I love The Grande Towers, The Grande North and The Grande South, both offer a great value. Personally I’d rather live in The Grande SOUTH tower because the POOL is in the sun in that tower. Also, there are better water views in The South Tower, if you have a south or south west facing unit. 

I can seriously tell you that I’ve shown dozens of these condos for sale Downtown San Diego, heck, I’ve even sold one in there, so I know the pros and cons. I am here to serve you, regarless of price, location, etc. I’m a a coffee drinking, home showing, offering writing machine. 

Trust me and my website around the clock for all your real estate needs. I pretty much always answer my phone and text messages right away, and if you miss me, my website is my clone, always working for me when I’m doing something else; so I can best serve you as your Downtown San Diego REALTOR 💁‍♂️🗝

The Grande offers a premier addresses for luxury living Downtown San Diego. These are considered waterfront condos for Downtown SD 

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The Ultimate Real Estate Guide The Grande Condos Sale San Diego

Want to ask a Realtor a question that you could simply find out right here in 60 seconds? That’s why I do what I do: PAY IT FORWARD! 📊

My goal is to “wow-you” with the best real estate inforomation and tools to help you navigate The Grande Downtown Real Estate Market. 

Not only have I made it easy to imagine Living in The Grande San Diego, via my real estate ,blog, videos, photos and links to condos for sale, I’ve given much more than that.  Consider my website like a time machine! 

If you really want to learn about the current state of the market, you should find place that will help you travel back in time to see what infomation you can gather about the most recent sales activity. Ah, there’s a good idea 💡! So, if you use my market report tool, you should be able to get most of your questions answered, such as:  ” How fast do  most units sell in The Grande?”, and ” Are sellers taking less than asking price right now?” . POETIC!

Condos in The Grande South San Diego<br />

The Grande San Diego Real Estate Video

Watch my teaser video about what it looks like Living in The Grande. I plan on making a better video soon, maybe when we hook up to see any condos! That’s how that works in luxury high-rises Downtown San Diego.



If you want to find out the current value of your condo, then guess who is here to help!?

My website is here to help of course, for everything The Grande Real Estate. If you already live in this great community, and you are curious about what your condo is worth, or whever you live, my site uses AI to help you get a quick home valuation, using the INTERNET and AI!

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